Discovery Call

During the Discovery Call, you’ll gather important info about the client, their business, design preferences, and required features. This way, we’ll avoid back-and-forth later.

About the client

About the website

What are your products or services? What differentiates your business from competitors in terms of products, services, or value proposition?

Ex.: Tech-savvy millennials interested in the latest gadgets, international travelers looking for holiday rentals and flights

E-commerce *

Will you be selling products or services directly on the website?

Do you have a website design ready? *
Do you have a style/branding guide?

Are there any examples of websites that you find attractive? Or competitor websites that you like or consider as benchmarks?

For example: Home, About Us, Services, Contact. (Don't worry, you can add more later.)

What other webpages or features do you need?

Working together

Are you the decision maker for this project?
Alternate way to communicate

If your answers above are good to go, click on the Submit button below. The answers on this questionnaire will be sent to ClickUp [CRM > New Client Questionnaires]