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Thank you for choosing Launchpad Collective to build your website with you. We’re excited to start!

First, we’ll gather important info about you, your business, design preferences, and required features. This way, we’ll avoid back-and-forth later — your time is valuable. To guide you, we’ve added help text (in gray) below the questions.

It will take you around 10-15 minutes on average to complete this questionnaire. Some questions may require additional thought or research. Giving clear and detailed answers can help the website development process go smoothly, making the time spent on this questionnaire well worth it in the long run.

About you and your business

About your website

Do you have an existing website?

A 5-page website typically takes 2-3 weeks to build.

Skip this if you've already received a quote from us.

For example: Tech-savvy millennials interested in the latest gadgets, international travelers looking for holiday rentals and flights. The more details you can provide, the more helpful we can be.

Will you be selling products or services directly on your website? *

Products are physical goods (for example, a laptop) that require inventory management and shipping, while services are often delivered online/remotely or in person.

Do you need business email addresses?

Business email addresses are those that use your company's domain name, like

Do you need help creating your website content?

Your design preferences

Do you have a website design ready? *
Do you have a style/branding guide?

For example: Home, About Us, Services, Contact. (Don't worry, you can add more later.)

Choose all of the webpages or features you need:

Working together

Are you the decision maker for this project?
Choose an alternate way for us to communicate (aside from email)

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