Shiga Kitchen Classics

When Shiga was created in 2008, it was simply a bottle of chili and garlic in olive oil. The family that owned the business wanted to help the Higaonons — an indigenous Filipino tribe — sell their native chili peppers.

That bottle of chili sauce twelve years ago has grown into twelve FDA- and DTI-registered Shiga products being sold in supermarkets all over the country. The Shiga family’s advocacies live on — they buy local when they can, they partner with local businesses, and they work with only the healthiest ingredients.

We used a clean, minimalist aesthetic on their website, with splashes of green, to convey ‘organic,’ ‘healthy’ and ‘fair trade’ — all of which are at the core of Shiga’s story and advocacy. Browsing through the Shiga site, you won’t notice all the heavy lifting going on in the backend: reseller listings, real-time inventory updates, order processing widgets, and plugins to feed the orders straight into Shiga’s CRM platform. Data integration is always an exciting challenge. The tidy work on the backend of the site resulted in a smooth user experience on the frontend.

  • Date

    October 29, 2020

  • Skills

    HTML, CSS, Graphic Design, Content Writing

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