Launchpad Websites is a collective of designers and master website builders. We’re young, curious, full of creative energy — and we care deeply about a brand’s purpose as much as its product. We’re all about sparking a connection between your brand and the people who experience it.

We’ve built a small, amazing team — each bringing a unique skill set to the table, all working towards a common goal. We’re firm advocates for dreaming bigger, working smarter, and business for good.

Got a project in mind or just curious about our process?


Andrea B. Hoffmann

Founder & Creative Director

Andrea believes that some brands don’t get the opportunities they deserve because their websites don’t accurately represent who they are. That’s why she built Launchpad — to make the playing field fair.

What is a launchpad website?

Building a complete, fully developed, and often large-scale ‘traditional’ website typically takes 6 months to a year, with a business having nothing to rely on in the interim.

Launchpad websites take an entirely different approach to website development. By relying purely on data to make informed decisions, a launchpad website starts with a smaller foundation and takes a shorter time to go live, typically within just a few weeks.

It’s the lead generation tool you need when your business is new. Things like design, content, and additional pages can be added and changed as needed — using real-time users and the way they engage with your site, as the basis for these changes. The ongoing website development and optimization keeps you at the top of your game.

This is why we create launchpad websites — they’re the websites of the future.