Next Steps

How it works


Discovery & Strategy

We begin our work together by aligning on your business goals, website requirements, time frame and budget. After, we’ll create an overarching strategy for your website — this includes details like site structure, navigation, styling, conversion paths, etc. This strategy will be driven by the info you give us during our Discovery Call and our extensive knowledge of B2B and B2C website best practices.



Once we have agreed on the strategy, we’ll create wireframes of your new website. A wireframe is a 2D illustration of your website’s navigation, page layouts, and functionalities — but these wireframes typically do not include any styling, color, or graphics. This allows you understand how the site will look and behave, and it allows us to iterate quickly.


Mockups & Revisions

Once you have approved the wireframes, we’ll turn them into a high-fidelity mockup of your website. A mockup shows exactly how each page of a website will look. It’s a full-color prototype that allows you to view it as if it were live. We’ll iterate and make final changes at this stage before signing off and beginning development.



We’ll build your website.


Testing, Launch & Training

When your website is complete, we’ll jump on a video call and walk you through your new website. Once you’ve signed off on it, we’ll push it live at your domain name. Finally, we’ll do a basic training session with you to teach you how to manage your website content and create new pages as your organization grows and your goals evolve. All without the need to “code.” Just point and click, drag and drop.